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Wellcome to Granitsan kennel's websites.

You can find information about english cockerspaniel and russian-european laika.


I'm Kati Huovila and I live in South-East Finland, very near to Russian border. I have had english cockerspaniels from 1991 and some of them had been very interested in hunting; my first cocker Sirkiss Donatello and his daughter Attenborough Aprill Donation.

In 2006 I bought my first russian-european laika Pihkatapin Granitsa. Grani barks/ hunts wild boar,elk, lynx, grouses, wild duck, marten, raccoon dog, fox, badger, bear. I got my kennelname, Granitsan, in 2009. First litter born in July 2010 and second litter 24.11.2013 and third then, when we find a male to Granitsa`s daughter...

At home I have 4 russian-european laikas (+ two is co-owner, in Finland and in Estonia) and one english cocker spaniel and one Finnish Spitz female is co-owner in Lithuenia.

Contact: Kati Huovila, Yijäköntie 456, 72710 Vaaraslahti (North-Savo) or 49730 Muurikkala ( in South-East Finland, very near to Russian border)

Phone: +358405405873 If I don´t answer your call, please send me sms.


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